Our mission
Redefining Wine
 Wine for life. is a vibrant and dynamic wine concept with a reputation for sourcing natural wine, from championing established and emerging producers who work on tiny estates across Europe producing organic, biodynamic and low-intervention wines, many of which you won’t find elsewhere.  We have a talent for spotting tall poppies, unearthing rough diamonds and using ungainly metaphors. The heart of our business is to bring fine and good value wines from small family businesses and farmers to urban city workers in Hong Kong and China who love to celebrate every special occasion with excellent wine and precious family and friends. Of paramount importance is the personal attention we offer our friends and our wine community, plus additional services we have tailored to help you maximize your pleasure in, and enjoyment of, exceptional wine.
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Healthy lifestyle is not just an increasing trend, it is a way of life for many who look after themselves and care about the environment. Our wine concept delivers on taste, value for money and health aspects of wine shopping. For us great organic and low intervention wine is not a goal in itself, but is a perfect partner for your culinary delights, cooking adventures and social gatherings, so we want to introduce it to you after having tried ourselves.

Wine for Life is indeed a sharing economy. We involve our Hong Kong and China Wine Group members in distributor-led tastings. Shared feedback allows us to decide which wines to source. Wine for Life sources directly the best vitnages selected by our master sommelier cutting out the middlemen. We do not aim to represent all possible regions or styles, but to offer great tasting natural wines always at unbeatable prices.


Provide delicious natural wines from family-run wineries expertly handpicked for you to deliver variety of great flavours at a wholesale  price. Finally, a gentle reminder about our wines. They are made of grapes grown naturally, so no  harmful high quantities of chemicals are entering your body and meddling with your mind. Drinking a better wine, made with care and without a safety net of added chemicals, will contribute greatly to your well-being, both physical and mental.
Connect directly  wine and spirits producers with  sellers and other industry professionals in Hong Kong, China and around the world.